Electives Fair Helps Students Choose Classes For Next Year


Courtesy Counseling Department

Taking a flyer from AP Seminar, students got an opportunity to talk to teachers about the elective courses they teach.

Students are currently undergoing course selection, with the many electives and courses offered it makes it hard for students to choose. The Elective’s Fair, planned by the counseling department, gave students a chance to learn about different types of electives.

On March 1st and 2nd, during Titan Time, students attended the Elective’s Fair located in the Media Center. This event gave students the opportunity to learn about the electives offered at Dominion. 

“The purpose of the electives fair is to get students exposure to different electives that they might not have heard about before,” Jessica Benson said.

Making the Electives Fair come to life was a process that started around December. During winter break counselors then began to really execute and plan this event. They had to get Dr. Brewer’s approval and then get the teachers on board, making the process very long.  “We have been planning it for the course of several months. Not all of our departments are going to participate, not all of our electives are going to participate. We certainly hope that all of our students learn what’s out there,” counseling director David Edwards said.

When it comes to picking electives, counselors emphasize how it’s important to pick classes you are truly passionate about. Edwards said, “The two classes that were most meaningful to me in high school were band and a tech drawing class. In tech drawing I would be designing things with paper and pencil. That class taught me the importance of planning and I still use those skills today. Band taught me true teamwork and continuous improvement.”

Listening to options in the art program, students are choosing their classes for next year but still have time to switch electives.

Currently Dominion students are meeting up with their counselors to plan their school schedules for next year. “The biggest thing for me is I just want my students to make informed decisions, whether that’s about the classes they’re taking next year or about sports or being involved in our clubs. I want them to have the information necessary to make the best choices for themselves,” Nicole Winfree said. 

Dominion offers a variety of courses, including electives that can help you with future careers, “If your plan is to go into psych as a field in your future, taking AP Psych probably is a really good idea. It’s a hard class, but if you’re passionate about it, you may have more will to persist through the challenges of that class. It’s going to push you and you need to have the will of motivation to persist through the challenges, and be okay with sometimes not seeing the results you want to see immediately,” Winfree said.

For students who couldn’t attend the Elective’s Fair, there is a curriculum website built with all of the elective information. This is accessed through the counseling website, where it gives a description of the class and other information available.