Athletic Director To Retire At The End Of The Year

Fours years after arriving at Dominion, Dwayne Peters will retire at the end of the school year, leaving a strong legacy in the short time in charge of athletics.


DHS Press Staff

The office of athletic director will be filled by a new person for the first time in five years after the retirement of Dwayne Peters.

Serving the Titan community for four years as the Athletic Director Dwayne Peters announced his informal retirement for the end of this school year. In his time at Dominion, he has aided teams in achieving 11 District Championships, seven Regional Championships, one State Runner up, and four State Championships. Peters served as the Virginia Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association President from 2018-2019, and has been recognized as Athletic Director of the Year in Virginia.

Beginning at Dominion in March of 2018, Peter’s made a huge impact on the athletic program. “Mr. Peters is a steady performer, who always has the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed. He’s on top of the details all the time. There are so few times when I as the principal have anything to worry about in the athletic department, because he takes care of the routine, of the unusual,” Dr. Brewer said. 

“[The aspects I will miss most of being the Athletic Director will be] seeing the athletes grow both academically and athletically, [and] seeing the success of the programs both in the classroom and on the field/court,” Peters said. 

Peters has not only led students on and off the field, track, gym or pool, but he has also taken charge of the administration and funding for the athletic programs. Anne Gasser, assistant athletic director, said “[Peters] has hired an outstanding staff of coaches, increased the number of athletes that are participating in all seasons, [has] been involved in areas of improvement throughout the athletic facilities, and he has spearheaded the revamping of our booster club (TABC). He is very knowledgeable of all the VHSL rules and regulations, and is often the one that other AD’s will contact when they have a question.”

“Mr. Peters has been such a stabilizing force. When we hired him to come and work for us four years ago, never did we expect we were going to go through an unprecedented set of circumstances like a global pandemic. Mr. Peters experiences and connections at the state [and] national level had been so helpful in helping us navigate the difficulties of high school athletics in the middle of a pandemic,” Dr. Brewer said. 

Though Mr. Peters presence will be missed among the Titan community, he will be leaving our athletic program on a high and at a great spot for the next director to come in. “I feel confident that moving forward his replacement will come in not looking to rebuild the wheel, but continue with the progress and add their own changes and make Titan Territory a place where students, staff, and the community are proud and supportive of. I am very happy for Mr. Peters in his retirement and hope he gets to spend lots of time with his family, play golf, and enjoy life!” Gasser said.