Bringing Her Game to States, Cottet-Moine Reaches New Heights as a Golfer


Teeing off earlier this season, Lauren Cottet-Moine represented the golf team at the State Championship.

It was love at first swing. Since her first golfing experience at three years old with a plastic club, Lauren Cottet-Moine has come a long way. Gone are the plastic clubs and the junior is now competing at the highest level in the state. 

Cottet-Moine earned a spot and competed in the VHSL (Virginia High School League) Girl’s Golf Championship October 25th in Harrisonburg, shooting an 81 and placing 38th. “It was great seeing people I grew up playing golf with again after a while. Even though I didn’t have my best day it was still a great experience that I hope to have again next year!” she said.

Traveling to JMU the Sunday before the match to get to know the course before competing on Monday, Cottet-Moine had dinner with the other golfers and head coach Anthony Eifler after her practice round.

At regionals, Cottet-Moine said they were debating whether they were going to “make it for states as a team. I guess some people didn’t have a good round, but we were counting each stroke. We were like, if we do this or if this person shoots that, then we have a chance, but it just ended up being me, but I’m still happy about that.” 

Prior to the championship, Eifler said, “I think [Cottet-Moine’s] got a chance. I mean, there’s some really, really good girls in the state. So it’ll be tough, but I think she’s definitely got a shot to medal, which I think is top six.” He also said that despite how well she plays, making States is quite the accomplishment on its own “I’m excited for her and fingers crossed that she plays well.”

Another of Cottet-Moine’s inspirations is her teammate Kyndall Campbell, who joined the team this season. Cottet-Moine appreciates what Campbell brought to the team. “I look up to her because she’s older and better and going to college soon and she knows what she wants so we respect that,” she said. 

Campbell said that it was an amazing feeling having Cottet-Moine qualify for states, “Lauren has been like my best friend since I’ve been here. She’s been super sweet and I’m so extremely proud of her for making it to states,” she said

Kyndall Campbell has had a positive impact on Cottet-Moine’s game being the veteran newcomer who has been a mentor to her.

According to Eifler, Cottet-Moine competed against roughly 40-50 other players from the state that advanced from their own regions. He said, “Our regional qualifier, I think, had 40 [competitors] and the top six from that moved on to states.” 

Due to the covid factor last year, Cottet-Moine says she didn’t get a chance to play, but this year she appreciates the morale that comes with the team. “Just being on the team, it’s like a family and they’re all rooting for you. So I’m really excited to be doing [States],” she said prior to leaving.

“I feel like there’s a lot of pressure on me because I want to win for the school, for her and for the team. And even if I don’t, I feel like she’ll still be proud of me and the team will be too,” said Cottet-Moine about being the lone participant from the team in States. 

Cottet-Moine says she’s hoping to pursue golf after high school and says she’s been able to talk to Campbell, who also has plans to continue playing in college, about college. “I’m only 15 as a junior, so I think it might be a little hard, but I’m going to  try my best to really look beforehand,” she said. 

Eifler graduated from Dominion high school and played on the golf team. He says that when he was on the team, there was a player Sara Hurwitch who won the Virginia girl’s state championship in 2004. “It’s sort of come full circle to have a player now that I’m coaching that’s going through the same type of stuff. She’s worked really hard,” he said.