Teacher Tuesday: Mr. Iseminger


Mr. Iseminger used to teach in China and loves to travel.

Q1) You spent a year teaching in China, why and what did you learn?  

A1)  I spent my undergrad focusing on Chinese history and language and wanted to get some time in the country to try out my skills.  I was lucky enough to learn a lot of unique teaching techniques that focused on active learning on the student’s part, and I’ve brought all of those over here with me.


Q2) What was your most memorable memory from teaching in China?

A2) I somehow ended up being a Drama teacher for a summer and had tons of fun working with students on acting skills.  We even had a live performance in a mall that won some awards!


Q3) What is your favorite activity in your free time?

A3) I’m a big reader, and I love to travel.


Q4) Besides history, what was your favorite subject in high school?

A4) Science, especially biology.


Q5) What drove you to be a teacher?

A5) I’ve always wanted to have a job that I felt had an impact on the world’s future, however small.  There are many skills I feel that everyone should have in order to prepare for the world, and this position allows me to at least try to promote those.


Q6) What is your number one item on your bucket list?

A6) Visit all major continents.  (S. America, Africa and Antarctica to go!)


Q7) If you could solve one problem in the world, what would it be and why?

A7) That’s a big one, how about something simple like world peace?  I’ve heard that’s pretty sought after.


Q8) You get to eat one more meal. What is it?

A8) There is this cumin lamb dish from Northwest China that is amazing. I’d definitely go with that.


Q9) If you could spend one day in with anyone in history, who would it be and why?

A9) Ibn Battuta, the North African explorer who traveled all over Eurasia.  He definitely would have some unique insight in the world from that time.