What You Missed: The Week of February 10th


A look back at the week that was in the news and highlighting what students need to know

Coronavirus death toll spikes dramatically

There are now 242 new deaths from the coronavirus, announced by the province in Hubei, China. As of today, there are 14,840 new cases. In more than 25 countries and territories outside of China, there are at least 570 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.


Trump administration diverts $3.8 billion in military combat funds for border wall

On Thursday, the Trump administration announced the plan of using Pentagon funds towards the U.S.-Mexico border construction. The money was originally issued towards military weapons and hardware. With the use of $3.8 billion worth of funds from the Department of Defense, officials hope to construct 177 miles of border barriers, roads and lights to reduce drug smuggling.


Earth just had its hottest January in recorded history

Out of the NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) 141 years of climate records, the average temperature across land and ocean surfaces in January of 2020 was the highest. This new record surpassed the 20th-century average of 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius) by 2.05 degrees F (1.14 degrees Celsius). This new record is not all amazing, but rather causing worry as the planet continues to warm at an increasing pace.

On day of reckoning, Houston Astros apologize to everybody – and nobody – at the same time
The Astro players involved in the 2017 World Series, comment on their rules-flouting, electronic sign-stealing scheme that increased their chances of winning. While most players are apologizing for their actions, a few are careful with their apologies to avoid making the cheating scandal worse than it already is.