Teacher Tuesday: Heather Cox


Courtesy of Ms. Cox

Mrs. Cox and her family from a couple years ago at Disney, she would describe it as their home-away-from-home.

Q: What would the students be surprised to find out about you?

A: When I was in elementary school and middle school I played on a travel soccer team here in Sterling.


Q: What is one of your hidden talents?

A: I know a lot of song lyrics…mostly from the 80s and 90s


Q: How do you spend your summer breaks? 

A: ​We usually do a week vacation somewhere. Often Disney. I garden, I cook and I bake a lot.


Q: What Disney character would you be and why?  

A: My favorite princess is Belle. I love the whole story of Beauty and the Beast!


Q: If you won the lottery and decided to give up teaching, what would you do instead? 

A: I would love to either have a flower shop or a restaurant/bakery. I may also dabble in being a travel planner.


Q: If you could take the students on a field trip to anywhere in the world, where would you take them and why?

A: I’m really lucky to have already taken students to Singapore and South Africa…pretty exotic…way out of my comfort zone and such amazing experiences for all of us. I’ve always wanted to go to the Great Barrier Reef, so that would be an amazing trip for students to experience too.


Q: If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name?

​A: Funny story…in the olden days (late 70s-early 80s) there was this TV show called The Love Boat, that was set on a luxury cruise ship, and one of the characters was Julie, the Cruise Director.  Her job was to plan all the excursions and fun for the guests on the ship. My close friends often refer to me as “Julie” because I usually take the lead on planning our trips.  


Q: What is the craziest things one of your students have done?

A: Students do crazy things every year. But one time, I was helping students with a microbiology research project and they accidentally set a petri dish full of rubbing alcohol on fire. No one was hurt and nothing was damaged, but it was pretty scary!


Q: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

A: ​Hydrangea. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower and I especially love the blue ones, but I also love the fact that the same hydrangea bush can have flowers that are blue, pink and purple (which most people know is my favorite of all colors!).