Hoops Tournament to Honor Former Student’s Life

The tournament proceeds will benefit the Rehan Baddeliyanage Living the Dream Memorial Scholarship.

The first Hoops for Rehan tournament will be held on Saturday, January 11.

courtesy of Hoops for Rehan

The first Hoops for Rehan tournament will be held on Saturday, January 11.

On January 11th, Hoops For Rehan, a fundraising event run by DECA in order to honor Rehan Baddeliyanage and the life he lived, will be taking place at Dominion High School. Rehan was a former Dominion student who went on to attend the University of Virginia. In March of 2019, Rehan unexpectedly passed away while on vacation. The event is being held to raise money and awareness for the Rehan A. Baddeliyanage Living the Dream Memorial Scholarship, a scholarship through UVA that is in honor of Rehan.

“My team and I are holding this event to not only donate to his scholarship but honor everything he did in his life and who he was as a person. As my brother, he was my best friend, he taught me many things in life, shaping who I am today. I accredit a lot of my development as a person to him, and he will forever be my role model for every aspect of life,” said Rehan’s brother and one of the Hoops For Rehan founders, Roshan Baddeliyanage. 

Although one of the main reasons the tournament is being held is to raise money and awareness for Rehan’s life and scholarship, this tournament has very special meaning to the community. “We wanted to honor the life of Rehan due to the large impact he had in the community. We feel that by putting this on, we are showing what Rehan truly valued and who he was,” said senior Marc Tannous, one of the Hoops For Rehan founders. 

Deciding on what activity to put on for the fundraiser was a simple decision for Marc, Roshan, and Lauren White, the founders of Hoops For Rehan. A 3v3 basketball tournament was decided upon as Rehan had always had a passion for the sport. 

Around 70 participants are expected for the tournament, and all the participants in the tournament signed up through an online signup sheet in teams of three. After all the teams sign up and select the bracket they choose to be placed in (Mens, Womens, Children), brackets will be made the night before the event using a random generator. At the event, participants will check-in at the front desk outside the main gym, where team members and volunteers will make sure that they have signed up. The champion of each bracket will win a prize, while all participants will receive a wristband that honors Rehan. After the winners are awarded, the event will conclude by a few words from myself and my team.

“I hope this tournament will be a fun new event for Dominion students to bring awareness to the Rehan Living the Dream foundation, as well as help, bring the community together,” SCA president Katelyn Newell said.