Special Abilities Awareness Week Assembly: Robert Anthony


Morgan Fischer

Robert Anthony spoke to Dominion students during special abilities awareness week.

On December 3rd, during Special Abilities Awareness Week, Robert Anthony came to Dominion to speak about growing up with an amputated leg and finding success through that struggle. Anthony is a motivational and public speaker who has found many avenues throughout his life, as a musician, actor, athlete, and founder of an organization. 

Anthony shared his experiences growing up with only one leg, talking about how others would tease him about his leg, how he would feel insecure about it and want to cover it up. Yet, now Anthony is proud of his leg, he said, “What you look like is a gift, wear it like armor.”  

He also shared how he started to music to share positive messages about his disability, as a way to inspire others. He talked about how rap, specifically rap, became his passion and he continued to spread his message by growing on tour. 

Although, Anthony continued to spread his message through different mediums, soon finding a spot on the small screen. He first appeared on a Season 1 episode of Ink Master, and after that, he took on many other roles in other shows, such as Damages, Fosse, 7 Seconds, and The Code. Anthony also talked in-depth about his time on American Ninja Warrior. Anthony has even been nominated a 2019 Emmy, with his short film, Able, which chronicles his life.  

Morgan Fischer
After the presentation, Anthony talked to students.

Anthony is also a decorated athlete. He is on the U.S.A Amputee Soccer team, plays basketball for his organization Limb Possible, as well as playing hockey and volleyball. He also showed off his athletic ability during his time on American Ninja Warrior. Through competing in these sports, Anthony is able to continue to convey his message, as he does not allow for his physical disadvantage to stop or slow him down. He emphasized his intense drive and determination as he said, “I don’t bend to the universe, the universe bends to me.”  

As well as spreading his message through entertainment and sport, Anthony has also created the organization Limb Possible. Limb Possible partners with schools across the country to spread the message that “Anything’s Possible.”   

Anthony emphasized the why he shares his life and message, he said, “The reason why I tell it in length that I do is that one piece might resonate with someone, and another piece might resonate with someone,” he also added, “Kids can continue to help support and utilize that is trying to bring in positivity and motivation in their lives.”