Game of the Week: Football vs. Potomac Falls

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Game of the Week: Football vs. Potomac Falls

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Game: Thursday 7pm at Potomac Falls 

Why: In the first game of the season the Titans face off against their rivals the Panthers in an away game, or better known as the Battle of Sterling. As Coach Woodard, in his inaugural game as Titan head coach, said of the rivalry, “It’s kind of a bragging rights type of game.” Woodard said of his mentality, “Leave every game every practice every lift as if we left everything on the field, and we tried our hardest.”

 The rivalry combined with it being the first game of the year will make for one exciting game, as Woodard said, “I love the fact that it’s the first game of the year. I love the fact that it’s within Sterling, and that we have to stake our claim and see who’s kind of the bigger brother, in the city of Sterling.” 

This season will also be very different for the football team compared to years past, as Woodard explained, “We’re going to be a lot different than previous years. Offensively we will be a lot more versatile and then defensively relentless.” 

Who to Look For: Jimmy Christ, Trey Hayes, Aidan Dolan, Jake Daunheimer, Mason Word, Darian Greenhow, Cesar Alvarado, Cyrus Williams, and Demetrius Summers. 

Season Recap: This game is the first of the season for the Titans. Last year they finished with a record of 3-6. 

Why Should Students Go: This game is sure to be one of the most exciting of the season as a game against Potomac Falls always brings a ton of energy due to the rivalry, not to mention the first game of the season. Students will be seeing this new team for the first time and the outcome of the game should give students a view into what the rest of the season will be like. “Hopefully they will wear black and silver instead of black and purple,” Woodard said. 

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