The Disappearance of Titan Time and Clubhouse


Titan Time will no longer have teachers in the room.

After a long tenure for Clubhouse and Titan Time, Dominion is finally shaking things up. Dr. Brewer announced that Clubhouse will cease to exist and that Titan Time will have major changes coming to it as well.

With students from all different grade levels taking the same courses, it is becoming difficult to get every student in a Titan Time that provides them with the support they need. “Student will be provided a resource period. I think administration see’s a value in allowing students to do work at school. There will be a variety of supports provided depending on each and every students needs,” Mr. Signorelli said.

Teachers will no longer be in student’s resource blocks. “Depending on the level of needs of each student, then we will be strategic as to how the support looks. There won’t be as many teachers around, but they will still have access to the teachers they need and the support that they need,” Ms. Braxton said. There will be specific labs that will be accessible for every student during their resource blocks including a math lab, testing lab, and writing center.

Early release will stay the same for upcoming class of 2020. “We figured that was something important not to mess with,” Dr. Brewer said. “We weighed the benefits and the cost and we decided that seniors should keep their resource block at the end of the day. It is still possible for seniors to earn that privilege, key word, earn,” Mrs. Braxton said.

Dr. Brewer did say that, “Every student who earned early release, earned it. They met criteria. However, we did have an issue with students leaving 4th and 8th blocks of school who were not granted early release. I’m almost tempted to move the resource block out of 4th and 8th block, so that can’t happen in the future. I recognize that wouldn’t be fair to the class of 2020, but now it is all in the hands of the class of 2020. If the skipping thing does not get better next year, there will be changes made.”

Clubhouse began 14 years ago, but now Dr. Brewer says that it is no longer meeting the goals and expectations that were supposed to come from it as a program. “There is clear data showing that Clubhouse is no longer effective in accomplishing the goals originally intended,” Dr. Brewer said. “The fundamental reason for this is because of the size of our club houses,” Brewer added. Clubhouses at Dominion used to be around 12 people each but in recent years the size has nearly doubled to around 20.

Clubhouse may be gone for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year, but Dr. Brewer said, “I’m not saying we will never have a clubhouse again, but we would have to redo it in a way that would allow for us to get back to some of the benefits it used to have in the past.” No organization or another Clubhouse like time will be added in place of Clubhouse next year either.

These new changes to Clubhouse will lead to changes regarding Link Crew, Sources of Strength, and goal setting. “Will Sources of Strength still exist? Yes. Will Link Crew still exist? Yes. We just do not know how these will be structured into our schedule next year,” Ms. Braxton said.