5 Questions with Brianna Traenkle

Brianna Traenkle is one of the organizers of the Student v. Teacher basketball game on Friday, February 15th.


Q: What was the original assignment given for you to start working on this project?

A: Our assignment was to come up with a unique and doable way to help raise awareness on food insecurity within our community. We had to write a proposal and present it to the class for a vote.


Q: How did you come up with the idea to have the student-teacher basketball game?

A: There were many ideas expressed to the class, such as buddies to people in our community, a race, or food drives. The basketball game was the accumulation of all our different ideas and gave each person something to be excited about.


Q: What is the goal that you hope to achieve for this event?

A: With the basketball game, we hope to provide many donations to the Tin Cup Fund in order to help those around us. Also, one of our main goals is to raise awareness about food insecurity happening within our own neighborhood and Titan community. This is why we chose the Tin Cup Fund because it helps those locally.


Q: What was the process in planning this event like?

A: There were many steps to planning the game, as we needed permission for the school facilities, players from both teachers and students, and the collaboration with the Tin Cup Fund itself. Members of our class were each designated to different areas of our planning, and we held meetings to update one another and discuss ideas.


Q: Why did you choose to partner with the tin-cup fund?

A: We chose to partner with Tin Cup Fund because of many personal relationships with Mrs. Fox. She has done so much with Women Giving Back and volunteering in general, so we were all confident that the Tin Cup Fund would be beneficial and a great choice.