Major Changes to Homecoming This Year: Message from SCA

Big changes are coming to Titan Territory. After the surge of support from the community at the homecoming and prom meeting, Dr. Brewer took our suggestions seriously and formatted a quick response. At our meeting this morning, October 5, 2018, Dr. Brewer let SCA know about the changes we will be making to this year’s homecoming. The suggestions from the community meeting were wonderful, but not every suggestion can be accomplished before this year’s dance. Dr. Brewer and SCA came up with a list of changes that can be successfully completed in the next two weeks.  

A list of the changes is provided below, followed by what the community can do to help and a detailed explanation of each change. 


  • Homecoming Court and Homecoming King and Queen are back 
  • The homecoming dance is now from 8pm to 11pm 
  • Students are allowed to leave the dance, but once a student leaves the dance readmission is not allowed 
  • Food and drinks will be available in the cafeteria, free of charge 
  • Parent are invited to chaperone the dance, monitor games, and manage food distribution 
  • Coat check is free 
  • There will be no more tarp, so socks will be handed out or you can bring your own socks 
  • Games like cornhole and ping pong will be available in the aux gym 
  • Boys can dress up for powderpuff 
  • Seniors can bring scooters on Friday, during spirit week 
  • A photo booth and snapchat filter will be at the dance 

Ways to Help 

  • Volunteer to chaperone the dance 
  • Volunteer to monitor games 
  • Volunteer to manage food distribution 
  • Donate packaged foods and water bottles 
  • Loan a truck, convertible, or jeep for Homecoming Court to ride in during the parade 

More Details 

One of the most exciting changes to Homecoming is bringing back Homecoming Court. Students will have the opportunity to self-nominate to be on the ballot. During titan times and lunch, students can scan a QR code and fill out a form that will place them on the ballot. Homecoming King and Queen will be brought back as well. Students will NOT be required to run with a cause. Every person on homecoming court will be required to attend the dance and the Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at the dance. With the reintroduction of Homecoming Court, we will need convertibles, pick-up trucks and jeeps for the Homecoming Parade. We are asking for the community to please loan vehicles for the parade. A sign-up genius will be sent out by Dr. Brewer and posted on the Dominion SCA Facebook page.  

This year’s Homecoming Dance will be held from 8pm to 11pm on October 20th. The earlier times will allow for students to take pictures during the daylight, eat dinner before the dinner rush and return home before curfew.  

SCA and Dr. Brewer would like to emphasize that students will be free to leave the dance at any time. However, Loudoun County policy states that students who leave the dance will not be allowed to reenter the event under any circumstances.  

The cafeteria will be a place for students to sit and eat snacks and drinks. The food and drinks will be FREE. As a result, SCA is asking the community to donate water bottles and packaged foods. All donated items must be purchased or prepared commercially. Baked and homemade goods will not be accepted. A sign-up genius will be sent out shortly by Dr. Brewer and posted on the Dominion SCA Facebook page. 

Coat Check will be free this year. Students will be able to check their coats, shoes and other personal belongings. At the coat-check, socks will be handed out to those who do not bring their own socks to the dance. Socks will be required on the dance floor to prevent damage to the gym floor.   

Many community members suggested that games and activities should be available to students at the dance. Cornhole, ping pong and more games will be offered in the auxiliary gym.  

Powderpuff cheerleaders may dress up for spirit week. Make-up and wigs are allowed. 

The rumor that seniors are not allowed to bring their scooters or wear to school during spirit week is false. Seniors may bring their scooters to school on October 19th. Toga Day will be held during the Senior Spirit Week. 

Parental involvement is encouraged and necessary for the success of the dance. We are asking parents to volunteer to chaperone the dance, supervise games, run the coat-check, and manage food distribution. A sign-up genius will be sent out shortly by Dr. Brewer and posted on the Dominion SCA Facebook page.  

Dominion’s Student Council Association would like to thank the parents, students and community members for all their support. We would also like to thank Dr. Brewer, again, for listening to the concerns of the community and helping their suggestions become reality. SCA hopes to work with Dr. Brewer to hold a meeting after the Homecoming season concludes to discuss what we can improve for next year’s dance and how the Titan Community can plan a successful prom. 


President Zach Davis, Vice President Gina Wilson, and SCA.