Homecoming Week Returns Next Week

With new spirit days, no more black and silver day, along with the usual traditions, SCA is hoping to make a fun four day week for students.


Alla Abdelhalim

Planning homecoming and the activities around is the SCA, shown here during their class 6th block.

Homecoming Week returns on September 26 with a tropical theme culminating with the dance outdoors on the football field Saturday, Oct 1 from 8pm until 11pm. The week itself will consist of four spirit days, including Adam Sandler day, color wars, matching day and tropical day.

SCA is once again attempting simple themes so as many students as possible can participate. “[SCA’s] goal with spirit themes is always going to be ‘how do we maximize the rate or maximize the number of students who will participate?’” SCA Advisor David Kroeze said. 

While Black and Silver Day is typically the Friday theme, SCA decided against it this year. “We already did that for one of the football themes,” SCA secretary Tia Bhatnagar said.

The annual hallway decorating competition comes back this year where each grade level gets assigned a sub-theme and gets a hallway to decorate which is later judged on its appearance and correlation to the theme. “What we’re looking at is different ideas [in order] to incorporate different geographical regions of the country,” Kroeze said. 

According to Kroeze, the sub themes will be seniors on island time, juniors into the jungle, sophomores the floor is lava and freshmen under the sea.

Despite homecoming week being only four days this year, SCA is confident it won’t have a great impact on spirit. “I think the Tuesday after a long weekend might be a little bit tougher for students to remember to participate that day, but we’ll get them into it pretty quick,” Kroeze said. 

To get students excited, SCA plans to do mini pep rallies. “Just expect a good and fun homecoming,” SCA President Maud Nashnoush said. 

Powderpuff, which is an annual tradition where boys and girls switch spots for a pep rally, will be on Thursday the 29th, yet the SCA has not decided on the time yet. 

According to Kroeze, SCA is not concentrating on plans beyond the dance because homecoming has all their attention at this time. 

“We really try to make homecoming the best that we can, so we haven’t thought about anything else yet,” Nashnoush said. The school tradition of the homecoming game being school colors is being discontinued this year. According to Nashnoush, they wanted students to be excited and thought the tropical theme would be more fun.