Evening With The Arts Triumphantly Returns


Aidan Mason

Taking home first place, Allison Joo was one of just many artists on display that night.

Thursday, March 10 Dominion hosted an “Evening with the Arts”, where multiple artists got to display their works in the main hallway, with supporting art from the local middle and elementary schools. The first exhibit in two years, it’s a return to normal for Dominion as COVID continues to taper away.

The night marked multiple winners of the art show, with Ryan Casey, Kyle Reilly, Spencer Eckman, Allison Ferguson, and first place Allison Joo. Joo felt surprised at her win, noting that it wasn’t something that was on her mind.

“It feels weird, I wasn’t really expecting it,” Joo says. “But, it feels really good.”

Joo also noted that she wasn’t expecting so many people to come after the two year gap, but was happy about it, as it gave the opportunity to display the arts. Similarly, Spencer Eckman was extremely happy to see the show continue.

“I really loved it,” said Eckman, noting that even though it was nerve wracking, it still was nice to see his art out on display.

The students are not alone in this sentiment, as art teacher Shannon Pillera has expressed similar sentiments.

Showcasing his work, winner Kyle Reilly was one of the night’s winners. (Aidan Mason)

“It felt really really good to have the kids back and the crowds back,” Pillera stated. What made the experience even better for Pillera is that setting up wasn’t a challenge, even after the two year gap.

“[The Evening of the Arts] is a great opportunity for [the art students] to shine and show their peers,” she noted in regards to why the art show is important in the modern day. Pillera also noted that it allowed her to see a growth in her students, and a change in their art style overtime.

Eckman agrees, stating that it “provides a way for families and friends of art students to see what they’re doing.”