Monday Funday: History Matters


History Matters

Having trouble understanding history class? Head to History Matters on YouTube for a fun way to learn.

History is perhaps one of the most important subjects across the world, and unfortunately, one of the most overlooked in the school system. Too many students fail to truly pay attention, and many simply claim it’s not worth listening to.

For that, I’d recommend that those students head over towards History Matters, a YouTube channel that discusses history in a way that both entertains and informs.

With a voice that sounds authoritative, yet also emotive, the History Matters’ narrator’s voice keeps your attention, and it makes his humor even better when he makes a sarcastic comment or a joke. The art style also adds to the humor, with its simple nature being strangely enduring and memorable. Also, where most of his jokes are placed, it provides a simple, yet effective, comedic sensation. 

What’s even better is that the channel isn’t just about the main events of history. While of course, it covers big events, such as Pearl Harbor and why the US entered WWI, it also delves into less well known, but no less fascinating topics, such as the time the The Time the Dutch Ate their Prime Minister, or how How Did Medieval Banking Work.

History Matters has been one of my favorite YouTubers of the past year, and trust me, after you watch his videos, he will be one of yours too.