The Final Rose: Showing Your True Self


artwork by Caelan Jones

Covering each episode of The Bachelorette, Caelan gives you an unfiltered, honest take on the night before.

The episode starts differently than normal, announcing that Jojo Fletcher (Bachelorette Season 11) was going to be replacing Chris Harrison for the week while he moved his son into college. She seems to be a good replacement for him. 

Zac C. got to have a one-on-one date with Tayshia, and they had a wedding photoshoot. At first, it was awkward and tense since they both have been married before. This date was great for them together since they both were getting “a restart wedding.” I think Zac and Tayshia are PERFECT together, and I really want him to go far.

During the night part of the date, Zac really opened up and showed Tayshia an important side of him. He told her about how he had a brain tumor, and after his surgery he became addicted to drugs and alcohol. At the time, he was married, but after he was getting in trouble with addiction, his wife divorced him. After being in rehab for 4 months, Zac improved himself, and now he works on the board at the same rehab center that he was helped at. GOOD LORD! Zac just opened up more than anyone else has this season, and I am so impressed with him and his story. 

The next group date began, and its focus was the art of love. They were making artwork about what Tayshia meant to them, and after they made “self portraits” of their lives and their struggles. Although the date started off awkward, it redeemed itself and I really enjoyed watching it. 

There was another one-on-one date in this episode, and Eazy got it. They went ghost hunting since the La Quinta Resort is “haunted.” This was so funny! You’d think that Eazy would be protecting Tayshia, but Eazy ran so fast when it got scary. 

When they went to go have dinner, it got SO awkward. After a long talk, Eazy confessed his love for Tayshia. She did not reciprocate feelings, and Eazy ended up being sent home. This was the first time I was upset with someone leaving. I wish he could’ve stayed longer.

Before we could go ahead with a rose ceremony, Tayshia wanted to meet with Bennett and Noah since they have been feuding. With this 2-on-1, one Bachelor will earn a rose, while one will be sent home. I don’t like either of them since they are so annoying, but if one stays, I hope it will be Bennett. Although he is stuck up, I don’t mind watching his drama, whereas I cannot stand Noah. 

In this short date, Tayshia ripped into Bennett and Noah, but we didn’t see any of it since they left us on a cliff-hanger for the next episode. 

Next week we should see Bennett and Noah’s fate, as well as the rest of the men’s. The preview looks really interesting with a possible date with a lie detector, which will definitely be interesting. From what we saw in the short clip, the next episode will be wild. It looks like Zac C said something that immediately put up a red flag on the date, and everyone goes crazy, including Tayshia.