The Final Rose: Wrestling for Tayshia’s Heart


artwork by Caelan Jones

Covering each episode of The Bachelorette, Caelan gives you an unfiltered, honest take on the night before.

This week’s episode jumps right into another group date, and I know from the previews that it will be full of craziness. The date’s topic was basically showing Tayshia that the guys are grown men. The first part had them in a school environment where they answered questions about math. Surprisingly, Bennett, the Harvard grad, did SO BAD.  How did he get into Harvard?

The second part needed them to win 1v1 at Tug-O-War, but it was pretty irrelevant. The third part was them showing Tayshia that they could cook her anything by making her breakfast in bed. Awards were given at the end of the date for “The Man-Child”, and the “Baddest Man.” Ed received the “Man Child” award, and Bennett won the “Baddest Man” award.

Right when the group date started, Bennett tried to interrupt Tayshia greeting everyone by trying to grab her, but he quickly got shut down. After she finished, Chasen snatched her and got her to leave with him to talk, which I knew would start drama between the men during the rest of the date.

Bennett started the drama, and had Ed acting as his sidekick. Chasen was literally being attacked, and I think that he was really smart with his response and actions afterwards. Ed then went to Tayshia, and made this drama include the person who most definitely should not be included.  Ed and Chasen had a full blown argument which was probably the highlight of the date. It reminded me of fights that I have with my siblings since they were insulting each other in the most ridiculous way. The next rose ceremony occurred, and they both surprisingly got roses. 

Another group date started, and it was literally insane. Their idea of the date was wrestling, and by the way the men are feuding, someone is guaranteed to get injured. The rest of the men who were not a part of the date came to watch the matches.

As the matches were going, the men were being so rough. Ben got injured in his fight against Spencer, which was hard to watch. The fight everyone was waiting for came- Chasen vs. Ed. Ed literally chickened out since he “didn’t want to get injured”. Ed is such a little baby and he thinks can talk the talk without walking the walk. 

After Ed forfeited, Noah, who wasn’t a part of the date, jumped the fence to fight Chasen. Chasen ended up winning the match, but Noah won overall since Tayshia let him stay for the rest of the date. Now Noah gets to have much more time with her that he wasn’t even supposed to get. 

Before Tayshia gave the group date rose, Ben asked to talk to her. She basically said no and that there was a whole cocktail hour where they could’ve talked. I disagree with her on this since she was spending the whole time with Noah, so she wouldn’t have been able to talk to him. 

The group date rose was given to NOAH. Dude. HE WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE ON  THIS DATE!! Why in the world is that fair?

The preview for next week looks exactly like we need after an episode full of men acting like children. We will start to see the strong bonds evolve and possibly see close relationships form. I am so excited to see what will happen next week!