Play Preview: You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

Dominion theatre is putting on the play Youre a Good Man, Charlie Brown this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

Courtesy of Austin Melio

Dominion theatre is putting on the play “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

Starting on Thursday, November 7, Dominion theatre is bringing your childhood to life with their musical production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. With the musical taking place around the holidays, the classic songs that ring in your ears will be made a reality with the talented cast’s voices. Tickets are free for students and staff at Dominion, $5 for students from other schools, and $10 for adults. 

First opening on Broadway in 1967, Charlie Brown is based on the Peanuts cartoons of Charles M. Schulz. This musical displays the childhood antics of beloved cartoon characters like Charlie Brown and Snoopy, who come to life on the stage. Director, Dr. Worth, known as Doc,  said, “I think that ultimately, it talks to the fact that kids are a lot wiser than adults and that we can learn a lot of really great lessons by listening and watching kids.”  

This decision was made based off of the students. As seniors headed into their last year, several of them voiced their desires to star in Charlie Brown, and Doc listened. “The key to a good theatre program or any program is that you listen to the students, it’s not about the adults anymore, it’s about the kids,” Doc explained. 

Leecy Silk, a senior, playing Snoopy in the musical, explained, “This is one of my favorite musicals. I grew up listening to it and it’s really great to have that [a special connection to the show] my senior year. “I get to sit on top of a Big Red Dog house the entire show. It’s a lot of fun,” Silk explained. 

Playing Charlie Brown in the musical, senior cast member Josh Thomas voiced his excitement for the upcoming musical. He said he’s loved the opportunity to “delve back into my childhood”, with the seasonal Charlie Brown classics and Peanuts cartoons in the newspapers. “Not only is it [the musical] just a throwback to things from childhood… it’s just a really fun show to watch in general,” Thomas enthused. 

The staff and cast of the theatre program are very excited to show you their fall production, and have worked for many hours over the past couple months to prepare their show for an audience. This musical, brought to life by a talented cast, is ultimately comical, great for any age, and “students need some joy in their lives”, Doc remarked. 


Cast List: 

Charlie Brown – Josh Thomas

Lucy Van Pelt – Saskia Hunter

Sally Brown – Kyra Yergin

Linus Van Pelt – Maguire Crowe

Snoopy – Leecy Silk

Schroeder – Cole McMillan

Ensemble – Jacob Gamez, Nathan Gorbach, Cat Hunter, Aidan Mason, Patrick Pellegrini, Brice Sandidge, and Tamara Stephens


See the showtimes below, and be sure to support Dominion’s theatre program at the fall musical!


November 7, at 7:30 PM

November 8, at 7:30 PM

November 9, at 7:30 PM