Check This Out: This is Us


What: This Is Us

Where: NBC

When: Tuesdays at 9 p.m

Why: This Is Us is an emotional drama TV show about the lives of three siblings Kevin, Kate, and Randall and their parents Jack and Rebecca Pearson. The show usually takes place in the present with flashbacks from the childhood of Kevin, Kate, Randall, and their parents. The siblings, known as the “big three”, discover the deeper meaning of their pasts into their present lives. Kate and Kevin are twins, and Randall, who was abandoned by his biological parents, was adopted the same day they were born. Each of them have their goals throughout the show. Kate is finding love and is trying to improve her self esteem with her struggles with obesity since she was young. Kevin is an actor who is trying to pursue a meaningful career. Randall is a successful businessman with a family but is trying to find his biological parents. The show currently has four seasons with eighteen episodes each season, the previous seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

The show has so many twists and turns, tissues might be a necessity. The show is a rollercoaster and even though it’s all fictional, the story seems realistic. If you’re into emotional dramas that are also uplifting, this is the show for you!