The Boredom of Three Hour Blocks


DHS Press Staff

The new SOL schedule leaves three hour blocks for SOLs.

Every year there are changed and confusing schedules for SOL testing, but the Department Chairs have really outdone themselves this time. Now that every student owns their own chromebook, every SOL is taken on their school provided devices. In the past, there were typically extended classes for SOLs, but now every class gets their own 3 hour block in order to take complete the SOLs in the respective class.

The flaw in the system? The fact that most students take three or less SOLs in total. That leaves around 5 classes with 3 hour blocks and no SOLs. Movies, free time, games on phones, texting, walking around the school, and nap time are how students in these non-SOL 3 hour blocks are utilizing the time.

Don’t get me wrong. Like every student in the school, I love some free time to do anything (especially when it isn’t school work). Even as a high school student though, I get so bored in these 3 hour blocks. Eventually Instagram, Snapchat, and even Clash of Clans gets boring around the 2 hour mark.

I do not know why the schedule process was changed from the past years, but this change isn’t getting very high approval ratings. Numerous teachers in my classes have talked about how “stupid” and “pointless” these 3 hour blocks are and aren’t benefiting anyone.

I think the best way to solve this issue is to go back to the old SOL schedule. The old SOL schedule where you get half the day set aside to finish and once you finish (which can be any point in the set aside time), you can go back to class.  We can easily still take SOLs on our chromebooks without changing up the schedule so drastically. Just keep the same schedule as last year.