School Board to Consider 2 Calendar Options for 2019-2020 School Year

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As part of the scheduled agenda at the November 13th School Board meeting, two different calendar options for the 2019-2020 school year were introduced. There is only one main difference between the two plans and that would be the length of Winter Break and the last day of the school year. Both options have students starting school on Thursday, August 22nd.

Option A has a shorter Winter Break with students having off 8 days of school but returning on Thursday, January 2nd. This would mean that the last day of school for students would be Friday, June 5th.

Option B has a longer Winter Break with students having off a full 2 weeks and returning on Monday, January 6th. This would push that last day of school for students to Tuesday, June 9th.

According to the Board Docs, “Traditionally the School Board has allowed approximately one month between the calendar information item and the calendar action item to give time for consideration and input.  It is recommended that the School Board adopt Option A or Option B on December 11.”

The School Board Representative for Dominion is Debbie Rose.


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