D-Block Needs a Revitalization

In the 2009 home game against Potomac Falls, the gym was at full capacity.

In the 2009 home game against Potomac Falls, the gym was at full capacity.

The year is 2009. The stands in Titan Arena are beginning to fill up for a season defining game against Potomac Falls for the Titans.  The Girls basketball game preceded the boys’ game that night, and by halftime of the girls’ game, the stands were packed with people standing shoulder to shoulder at the entrance of the gym. A buzz was in the air and students were ready to wreck havoc on the opposing Panthers.

Fast-forward nine years. The year is 2018. It is a Tuesday night in January and Titan boys’ basketball is taking on Riverside. The stands are empty and the once coveted “D-Block” is nowhere to be found.  Where has this great school spirit gone and more importantly, what can we do to revive it?

Well, some would say that we need a winning team to bring a crowd. I don’t believe that for one second. Schools like Centreville, Westfield, West Potomac and Mclean are all schools with below 500 records, yet they have a excellent showing every night. This is not a problem of a good or bad team. This is a problem of school spirit.

So, how do we bring back the spirit of 2009?

Entertaining halftime shows, partnerships with other teams, Prizes, raffles, free t-shirts, the list goes on and on. With all of these things, we are still missing one. The unification of the student body. With the unification of the student body, spirit can be reinstilled in D-Block. People need to care first, then we can go back to those times that were oh so electric.