Fidget Spinners Should Stay

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Fidget spinners are small toys that supposedly help kids with anxiety concentrate through the school day. It has now become a toy that many kids have just play with whenever. Now some teachers at school are not very pleased with the sight of it because they believe it is a distraction to others.

Some kids might not be as productive when they have the spinner. I do not think kids that need them, or are using them correctly, should be punished for having them. I think fidget spinners should still be allowed in school and in class. If the student is not following a specific instruction that they were given then maybe you can take it away for the class. Some teacher just believe that anything a student has is a distraction, which is not true most of the time.

The fidget spinner is supposed to release stress from school and make you less fidgety, and more focused. Some teachers that get upset with the fact some students have fidget spinners; that might cause the student to become more anxious Some schools have started to ban fidget spinners due to the distraction that it gives to the students (The Fidget Spinner Fad: Adults just don’t get it, and that’s the point – CNN).

The spinner is a cheap plastic toy you get off amazon that has become the new topic for everyone. I believe the fidget spinner should be allowed in class and kids should be allowed to use them. Teachers think it is just a toy that distracts kids from the full potential of learning. I think that it helps them focus and makes them able to think better. The toy keeps the students fingers moving so they are less nervous (Fidget Spinners: What They Are, How They Work and Why the Controversy – Live Science).

The only reason the teachers are not a fan of the spinner is because they believe it is taking away the attention from the learning. It is because other kids that are not using a fidget spinner are getting distracted by other’s using it. Overall, the students that benefit from the fidget spinner should be allowed to have them if it helps them learn.

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