“Viva La Fiesta” Set for March 24

Dominion’s SCA is hosting a spring dance, named Viva La Fiesta, on March 24.


Callie Stravinski

SCA’s main advertising method has been on social media platforms such as TikTok or using the bulletin boards near the stairwells.

UPDATE: As of March 20th, the Viva La Fiesta dance has been cancelled due to a lack of sales. Between PVHS and DHS, only 18 tickets were sold (15 at Dominion, 3 at Park View). The decision was finalized on March 21. The rock was painted by one of the exchange students from Spain but was overseen by SCA.

Six months after the last school dance, Dominion’s SCA is putting on a spring dance called “Viva La Fiesta” on March 24, beginning at 8 PM, which will be in conjunction with Park View High School.  Unlike homecoming, the dance will be taking place on Dominion’s football field. 

Dominion students are allowed to bring outside guests, but the guest must have the student fill out a form, either online or on paper, and submit it through their respective school.

“It’s not as formal as prom,” SCA President Muad Nashnoush said, but students are still encouraged to dress up for the dance. Several students are not attending due to outside factors, such as the fact that  none of their friends are going or family matters. When asked if she was planning on attending the dance, Sydney Schlabach responded with, “I have not heard anything about it and I don’t know anything about it, I don’t even know when it is”. 

As of March 20, there have only been 18 ticket sales online, according to the SCA, even after advertising that two current or future clinics can be erased after purchasing a ticket. There will also be a live DJ, dancing, food trucks, and games at the dance.