Theater Educator of the Year: Doc Worth

Doc Worth, the head of Dominion’s theater department, was awarded “Theater Educator of the Year” by the Blue Ridge Cappies.


Titan_Theatre via Instagram

@Titan_Theatre on instagram made a congratulations post for Worth after she got named Theater Educator of the Year.

Titan Theater’s very own Doc Worth was awarded “Theater Educator of the Year” by the Blue Ridge Cappies. Worth will be accepting the award during the Cappies Gala at the Hilton Performing Arts Center on June 12th.

“The work that I’ve done over the last five years to build a thriving program has allowed students this year to go on to careers [and] college majors in theater, and I have some upcoming juniors doing the same thing,” Worth said. 

According to Worth’s student, Katie Price, Worth has greatly helped her students with their college journey. “She was able to get me auditions at conventions so that I could audition for a panel of judges which helped me get accepted into several programs,” Price said.

Many factors have contributed to Worth earning this title including her work rebuilding Titan Theater after COVID and students like Emma Mitchell reaching out to the Cappies program expressing their appreciation.

According to Mitchell, Cappies critics were sent an optional form with nominations on it. “I immediately thought about Doc and put her name down, and said why I thought she would be a good fit for the award,” Mitchell said.

Worth and her established program have made a huge impact on her students throughout the years. Mitchell said, “She’s put her all not only into just production but care and kindness to her students.”

This award is newly developed and Worth is the first person to receive it and was decided on by Worth’s peers instead of an outside organization which makes it more special. “It means a lot more when it comes from your peers than some people who don’t really know you,” Worth said.

Worth said that the Cappies are the Tony Awards equivalent for high school theater, where each school is required to put on a program and numerous awards given out. “It’s just a way to recognize the hard work of students; their shows have to be 80% student-driven and 20% adult guidance,” Worth said.

Worth’s student, Chase Bochenek said, “Doc has made a really big impact on theater as a whole and she has kept it going through quarantine; anyone who watches her direct [the productions] can see how passionate she is for this program.”