Leave it Be

Callie Stravinski, Staff Reporter

Ever since the results of my 6th grade moon phases came out on TestNav, I have always hated immediately knowing my results. I studied for hours, making flash cards on the Waning and Waxing Gibbous, hoping I atleast pulled through with an 80, I got a 63. The moments leading up to getting the results are the worst; sweaty palms and panicked thoughts always occur. 

As my time in the public school system has progressed, I have moved from hating TestNav to hating every other website that automatically displays your score after you complete the assignment. What about the people who do not want to see the score? It stresses me knowing that as soon as I hit submit, the screen will flash with a score. For instance, after going through usually 20 mind-numbing sentences on NoRedink, I hit submit, and there it is, my score. 

Along with hating my grades immediately being shown, I hate having to grade my tests or other students grading my test, this usually occurs in my math and science classes, and I hate it. Seeing the person’s hand move, trying to guess if they are scribbling an x or check, is a game that I always play. I love the waiting period when the results come out, when everything is up in the air. I will admit, I probably do not check StudentVue as much as I should, most of the time my teachers are good at putting in grades, and I hate knowing whether I got a good or bad grade.

My ability of memorizing the moon phases will not change, but hopefully less teachers at Dominion will implement the websites that share your score immediately or make other students grade each other’s assignments.