Wifi Issues Plague Students Around the School

Students struggle to connect to wifi in order to complete assignments.

Adam Merten

Students struggle to connect to wifi in order to complete assignments.

A good internet connection is one of the most critical tools for a student to have, but unfortunately, Dominion has been plagued by slow Wi-Fi and connection issues. Ever since students returned to school in August, the Wi-Fi has been very inconsistent and low quality, especially in the cafeteria.

Digital Experience Specialist Ayesha Tariq stated, “There are many issues that are contributing right now, but everybody’s blaming it on the Wi-Fi because of the construction that was going on in our school.”

Despite the renovations being complete, the internet quality hasn’t improved, and students are getting more and more frustrated. “It is completely terrible. I would be sitting in the middle of class attempting to do work, and then I would just get completely cut off from the Wi-Fi,” Joseph Maldonado-Hernandez said. 

Students aren’t the only ones suffering because of the internet issues, teachers are also struggling to assign work and show videos to their classes because of the Wi-Fi. “They’re slowing down certain things that I want to do. I already do use a fair amount of paper. So I don’t rely on it every day,” history teacher Joe Haberman said. 

As of right now, there’s no way of telling when the internet will be fixed. According to Tariq, the Network Department is working as hard as they can to fix the internet issues and provide alternative options. In the meantime, students and teachers may have to deal with poor connectivity for a while.