Almost 20 years old, Elf still holds up as a classic holiday comedy.

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Almost 20 years old, Elf still holds up as a classic holiday comedy.

Caelan’s Pick: Elf

Movie: Elf

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Summarize the movie in a tweet: Raised in the North Pole as a normal human, Buddy felt as though he never fit in. Traveling to NYC after he was told of his heritage, Buddy had the goal to meet his biological father. Along the way, he spread christmas spirit and excitement. 

Why should students watch this movie this holiday season: “Elf”, a holiday classic, is the perfect mix of comedy and holiday, without being too cheesy. The best aspect of the movie is that Buddy displays the childhood view of Christmas. His innocence from being a grown man with a North Pole elf’s view on life captures the magic and happiness associated during the Christmas season, which makes viewers, young and old, escape from today’s issues and feel nostalgic of the many memories that carry during Christmas. 

The iconic movie is filled with memorable quotes that I always use during the holiday season. Many heartwarming lines include “Bye Buddy! I hope you find your dad!” and “cotton-headed ninny muggins.” Furthermore, the setting of New York makes this movie spectacular. Christmas magic is particularly special in the Big Apple, as there are iconic locations such as Rockefeller Center and Times Square. Also, many scenes from the city involve regular pedestrians and weren’t planned— rather Buddy just acting like himself with strangers!  

The production designers outdid themselves depicting Santa’s home, the North Pole. They used two-dimensional sets to help Buddy appear larger, and obviously, more ridiculous compared to the small children elves next to him. 

“Elf” is the kind of movie that you can watch several times throughout the holiday season, every single year, and still not get tired of it. I always laugh at each silly joke, even though I have definitely watched it about a hundred times since I was a little kid. My favorite way to enjoy it is cuddling up with my favorite holiday blanket (which happens to be a Grinch one!), have a BIG mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows, and surrounded by the ones who I love most, my friends and family. Creating traditions for the holidays, such as watching a simple movie is one of my favorite things to do. 

Everyone should watch this movie not only because it is one of the most iconic movies during the holiday season, but also because it shows the true excitement of Christmas— filled with decorations, singing, silly foods, gifts, and family. This is the perfect movie to watch with friends, while eating holiday junk food, or over break when you can’t think of anything else to do!

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