Lilly Cameron

Giving details about upcoming projects, Dominions very own Red Cross Club attended the Volunteer Fair.

Red Cross

Red Cross is a widely known nonprofit organization. A small part of it is here at Dominion. The Red Cross Club offers high school students so many opportunities with big events coming up. In December the youth Red Cross Club will host Vaccinate a Village. If you donate just one dollar you receive a pin and help vaccinate someone against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella to people in a third world country. If you donate $5 then you vaccinate an entire family. The next big event is in The Blood Drive in February which gives lots of volunteer hours. “If you join the Red Cross, you get community service hours, you learn life saving skills, you help the community and the club is really fun with lots of fun people, I hope you join,” said junior Nadia Kamal, officer of The Red Cross Club.

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