Joe Biden (D)

Climate Change

Biden regards climate change as a very important issue and takes it very seriously. If elected, he has many plans and ideas of how to combat this urgent problem, with a large focus in renewable energy:

  • These include… 
    • Dedicate $12 trillion in spending 
    • Keep the us in Paris Climate Accord (as left in 2015)
    • Push other countries to cut emissions 
    • Eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
    • Give communities hurt by pollution aid (often poor & minority) by directly involving the justice department

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College Affordability

College affordability has come up a lot in recent years, and Democratic nominee Joe Biden has many ideas on how to help future college graduates:

  • Provide 2 years of community college or other high quality training program w/o debt 
  • Free tuition at 4 year public colleges from colleges for students w/ an annual income under $125,000 
  • Double the max. Value of Pell Grants 
  • Invest $18 billion in grants for historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), tribal colleges and uni (TCUs), hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) and other under-resources Minority-serving institutions (MSIs)

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Systemic Racism (and Police Brutality)

Over the last few months, the issue of police brutality and systemic racism, and what would be best to handle these dire problems, has been a topic of interest for both candidates. Democratic nominee Joe Biden has spoken on this issue many times and has some ideas of how to fix this problem in the future, if elected:

  • Wants to revamp the national standard of what constitutes appropriate policing, and make all police depts. adopt it → form a commission to do so
  • Supports conditioning federal aid for police departments based on meeting “certain basic standards for decency and honorableness” 
  • Thinks police officers should “not only be fired but held accountable if there’s a criminal offense” 

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