Check This Out: The Daily

Check out The Daily like Morgan does each day to get in-depth stories.

courtesy of The NY Times

Check out The Daily like Morgan does each day to get in-depth stories.

What: The Daily by The New York Times

Where: New York Times, Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you listen to podcasts 

When: The Daily episodes are posted five times a week, with each episode being around 20 minutes. 

Why: The Daily is a podcast by the New York Times hosted by journalist Michael Barbaro that features in-depth stories in the news, as well as other feature stories. I have been listening to this podcast for around nine months now every morning, it helps to inform me about what is going on in the world each morning. The Daily does great stories on a variety of topics, with COVID-19 being a huge story affecting millions of people right now, they have done many on the topic and I assume they will do more in the future. 

They have also covered many stories around the democratic primaries, such as telling the political histories of candidates and going to states with upcoming caucuses and primaries around the United States. 

The Daily is a very informative and entertaining podcast that provides important information to listeners on news happening around the world. I highly suggest this podcast to anyone who wants to learn more about the coronavirus, or any other important news stories happening in the world right now and into the future.