Check This Out: The Way Back

Check This Out: The Way Back

What: The Way Back

Where: Movie theatres

When: The movie releases March 6th 2020. 

Why: The Way Back explores a difficult theme, alcoholism. The main character of the movie, Affleck, reportedly struggles with addiction at one point of the film. That plays a significant role because of Affleck’s past. Throughout his time in the limelight, he has been public about his struggles with alcoholism and depression. The movie apparently was heavily influenced by that, as he must have taken experiences from his life to put into the movie.

Critics have enjoyed the film so far, as it has a 82% on Rotten Tomatoes and has garnered positive reviews from the Hollywood Reporter and Vanity Fair. Both praised Affleck’s performance and addresses his past and how it affected their vision of the role. The extra emotion added to the plot and its place as a sports movie, Affleck playing a basketball coach, makes it a great pick to watch. If reviews for it pan out well and the narrative fits in his fashion, this could be a movie that garners him his third Oscar, his first in 8 years.