Game of the Week Special: Football Home Opener vs. Broad Run


DHS Press Staff

All Dominion students got into events for free during the fall season

Game of the Week: Football vs. Broad Run

Game: Friday 7pm vs Broad Run 

Why:  The team has been working hard to prepare against Broad Run. As Cyrus Williams said, “We want to give D Block a great game for our home opener. Our team has been pushing ourselves in practice and studying film to get ready for the game.” Williams also mentioned, “Every game is a tough game. Broad Run is a good team and we are going to put up a fight.”.

Who to Look for: Jimmy Christ, Trey Hayes, Aidan Dolan, Mason Word, Elijah Armenteros

Season Recap: The Titans hope to bounce back after a close game with Briar Woods ending 29-21 last Friday. 

Why Should Students go: D block should attend the first home opener of the football season, not to mention that home games this season are free for Dominion students. “It’s going to be a great game to watch and the community should come and support the team,” Williams said.