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Boys Lacrosse Region Championship- The Game in Pictures

The Game in Pictures

May 29, 2019

Rival Riverside prevailed on Thursday night 10-7, but the boys lacrosse team will look to see them again in the State Championship.

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For Da Boys

“FDB” (For Da Boys) dons the tape on Justin Guilfoyle’s helmet, a player tradition.

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Just as they practice and just as they play, the boys walk down to the field as a team. JV lacrosse players suit up for the game as well and play with varsity during the postseason.

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Pre-Game Hype

Not much can get the team more excited than playing at home against their rival for the region championship.

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Pre-Game Focus

Taking down some water pre-game, Thomas Wasjgras takes a break before the opening face-off.

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National Anthem

The team lines up for the playing of the national anthem, sung at home games by Teresita Drake, the mother of senior Steven Drake.

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Opening Faceoff

On the opening face-off by junior Jacob Morris, Dominion takes possession.

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He Shoots…

Looking to increase their one goal lead, Brendan Dillon takes aim…

…and scores, putting the Titans up by two.

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Like Father, Like Son

Being the son of coach Smith, junior attacker Aidan Smith, who scored two goals on this night, has big shoes to fill.

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Riverside quickly rebounded and took the lead which was addressed during this timeout.

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Little Dreamers

Many of the young lacrosse players from the area come to watch the Dominion games, hoping one day to play for the team.

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First Half Frustrations

Frustrated by the Riverside defense, junior Thomas Phillips and Dominion only put up two goals in the first half.

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Halftime Adjustments

The boys gather at the end of the field at halftime, listening to the coaches discuss strategy and what the boys need to do in order to come back from the 4-2 loss.

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Halftime Hype

Seniors Justin Guilfoyle and Alex Brendes pump everyone up at the end of the half, an attempt to get spirits up after being down at halftime.

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Fan Fury

Fans, including sisters and mothers, get very invested in the games, especially when there is a big rivalry like the one between Dominion and Riverside.

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Tripped Up

Tripped up by rival Riverside, Dominion is hoping for a rematch in the state semifinals after travelling to Kettle Run on Friday, May 31st in the state quarterfinal.

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Goalie to Goalie

Consoling goalie Ben Rankin, who made 15 saves on this night, former Dominion goalie and now coach Andrew Fawkes talk to Rankin calling upon his experiences to keep him focused on the main prize, the state championship.

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Last Gasp

One final timeout is called just before the end of the game, Dominion is down by three goals, with little hope of coming back.

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The Agony of Defeat

Sophomore Ryan Kane lines up with his teammates to shake the Riverside players’ hands. The 10-7 loss is a tough one after beating Riverside on May 3rd. While it does not kick them out, the loss places the team at a lower seed for the state tournament, making this the last home game most likely.

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