Up and Down Review of Avengers: Endgame

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After eleven years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it culminated in Avengers: Endgame. Endgame finally came after the long awaited time between the devastation that followed Avengers: Infinity War that premiered over a year ago. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and thought it was a fitting end for some of the most prominent original Avengers.

The movie did a good job of focusing on the main Avengers for the majority of the movie as due to the massive amount of characters that are in the Marvel Universe. considered to in the Avengers. This really allowed for fans to have more time with those characters as the plot is moving away from those characters and towards what seems to be the future of Marvel through characters such as Captain Marvel, Spiderman, and Black Panther. The final act really made it clear that these characters would be taking a larger role in the marvel universe through their protection of the infinity stones. This also allowed for a more simplified plot, as the storyline was already convoluted enough due to the time travel element.

Focusing on just a few characters allowed for the movie to seem more personal, to a sense, as one could see real character arcs, some stands outs for this was Iron Man, Captain America, and Hawkeye. Iron Man was shown to have grown into a man who was willing to sacrifice everything in order for the protection of the world. Captain America also grew as he was able to return to a time and a life that he loved and seem to reach his purpose. Hawkeye changes drastically as it showed the massive toll that the actions of infinity war had on some many, and he was eventually able to get back into a more “hero role”. Less characters really allowed for the audience to see these characters change and involve through the movie. Having to squeeze all of the characters that have been introduced so far would be massively confusing and easily much longer than the three hours.   

While the plot was a bit predictable with the main element, there were so many twists and turns, thus allowing for the movie to stray from a predictable path and left the audience constantly on edge. These twists and turns were the main contributor to the massive run time of three hours. Yet, they really allowed for Endgame to look back upon the back at the many movies that helped the Marvel Universe to get the plot to this point. Still the plot, with many constant changes and the time travel plot, helped to contribute to many factors that left many fans confused. The many timelines left many questions unanswered about how their actions didn’t seem to really affect the future in other ways. Especially with Captain America returning to Peggy left many questions considering how that was possible and how that didn’t affect his past self, or if it did. It almost seemed as if changing their actions in the past only affected the part of the past that they wanted to affect their present, as, due to time travel, Thanos no longer had access to the infinity stones, yet, it didn’t affect the formation of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

While I could go on and talk about how disappointing and quite useless I thought Thor’s character was in this movie and many other flaws fans took issue with, overall I think Endgame was well done. The ending was a sad one, but it also left a lot of hope for the future of Marvel that will continue to excite and intrigue fans to keep coming back to theatres.