Super Bowl 53: Rams vs Patriots Preview

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Do I hate the Patriots? Yes. Will I be rooting heavily in favor of the young Rams to triumph and get the experience of winning their first championship under Sean McVay? For sure. Do I think they can win? Well, that’s where I’m not as confident. On paper the Rams look much more dominant all over the field with super stars in nearly every position on both sides of the ball. Bill Belichick always seems to make it a game, no matter who he has out on field, and no matter who he lines up against. Leading into the postseason, people all over the nation were questioning the legitimacy of the Patriots. But then once again, the combination of Tom Brady and Belichick was too much to handle for the Chargers, Chiefs, and now I think the Rams. One of the things that makes the Rams so deadly on defense is their ability to pressure the QB into making bad decisions and rushed throws. Brady has an amazing ability to get the ball out of his hands so quick and the Patriots O-line is solid that I really think they will be able to neutralize the Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh one-two punch. I think this will then lead to easy runs for the Patriots as when the pressure is not working they will have better seems on the outside as the Rams will rush less to help in coverage. I have all the respect in the world for Sean McVay, I really do, but what Belichick did against the Chiefs in the AFC championship game to start the game was just masterful. I think he will have a very similar plan for Jared Goff who, even though he had a great year, is not nearly as good Patrick Mahomes. I think the Patriots will do what they do to every team. They will march down the field on the first two drives, get a couple scores, make defensive stops, be extremely disciplined, and just as the Rams start to figure out how to handle Brady and the defense, they switch up the game plan on you. I think the Rams will be able to keep it a relatively close, but I see them being behind for most if not all of the game.

Patriots 31 Rams 27

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