A Movie Like No Other

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The ground-breaking movie Bandersnatch, a science-fiction film tied to the series Black Mirror, came out on December 28th on Netflix. This movie was unlike any other movie that had come out on Netflix, with the screen time ranging from 90 minutes to 2 ½ hours depending on the choices that you make throughout the movie. If you made the wrong choice, the movie could instantly end which keeps watchers on the edge of their seats.

There is a wide selection of different endings that make the viewer feel that they have control over the movie. It is similar to the choose your own adventure novels which is actually the inspiration behind the main characters video game. The amount of layers the movie had was incredible to me. The main character gets the idea for a choose your own adventure video game from a book that is named Bandersnatch, all the while the viewer of the movie is choosing their own adventure as well. The movie feels a lot more like a game rather than an actual movie which I think was the creators goal.

The movie entailed an interactive experience where the watcher had control over what happened in the movie. When I first discovered the interactive options that the movie had I was blown away. It was so exciting when the icon on the screen came up with two options and you had to decide which one to choose. The movie continued to escalate, making the two different choices harder to choose between. At first it would be picking between two cereals and would quickly become life or death options for the characters.

The most interesting aspect of the movie was the futuristic qualities that made it unlike any other movie I had ever watched. This movie is not just an exciting experience for the audience, but it shows how technology is advancing to the point of controlling people. While we are obviously not in a simulation where someone is controlling each of our decisions, technology is beginning to shape the decisions that we do make without us even realizing it. We are ultimately controlled by our technology, for example I did not have service for a total of 15 minutes yesterday and I was freaking out. My whole life revolves around a screen.

Bandersnatch has a total of ten possible endings that all depend on what you decide to make the main character do. If you feel that you made the wrong decision, the movie has an option to let you go back and change your decision which extends the running time of the movie. I went back multiple times because I would choose a decision that would lead to an abrupt ending of the movie. I spent a total of three hours with my friend watching the movie because our dissatisfaction with the endings we received would lead us to go back and try again. The amount of options that were given to the viewer throughout the movie kept me intrigued the entire time.

This movie is perfect for teenagers who are interested in science-fiction and technology, but even if you are not, this movie will appeal to you because of how fun it is to control what happens. It gives you a rush of adrenaline when you pick your decision and then wait to see what the outcome will be. While the actual plot of the movie is a little confusing, the interactive aspect of it makes it worth the watch. It is unlike any movie experience that has been offered in the past and it will give you the opportunity to feel as if you are controlling your own movie.

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