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When is Senior Exemption?

Marcel Tokhi, Staff Reporter

May 11, 2017

Filed under Op-Ed

Senior exemption is a privilege that students of Dominion High School look forward to all year. After four long years, we look forward to having a week off that no other grade receives, but, finding out when this day occurs is...

The Joys of the First Job

Paige Stevens, Staff Reporter

January 12, 2017

Filed under Op-Ed

One of the glistening opportunities that individuals face as they reach the golden ages of 16 and 18 is their ability to apply to their first job. Having been pressured by my wage-earning friends into joining the tax-payers of...

Ben Radomsky: Senior Goodbye

Ben Radomsky, Editor-in-Chief

June 7, 2016

Filed under Op-Ed

My four years at Dominion were neither consistently fun nor entirely foul, but, being four years of my life, merely more and less average than I'd originally hoped for. The one class, however, that was consistently both fun...

Brook Poyer: Senior Goodbye

Brook Poyer, Staff Writer

June 7, 2016

Filed under Op-Ed

Coming to Dominion, I had high hopes, I looked forward to the next four years as a way to make up for the past three years. In reality, I learned lessons that I could never seem to grasp in my tween years. I say farewell to...

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