Senior Goodbye: Katie Ryan

The past four years at Dominion have been beyond abnormal. From a global pandemic to online school, thank God it is over. I am not saying it was the worst experience in the world, however it was a growing experience.

With the unpredictable high school experience I have grown exponentially since freshman year. There are many lessons that I have learned. By not having the traditional high school experience that I expected, I learned to appreciate every little thing you do, and not take it for granted.

Going into my freshman year, I was still trying to figure out who I was, and how to be more confident. COVID-19 ultimately did alter my high school experience for my sophomore year, however I do think it changed me for the better. Being isolated from basically everyone I found myself and I grew to like myself.

DHS Press has been a constant through the ever changing world. By consistently being there ready to break the next story or have my opinions heard, DHS Press is a great way to express your feelings and who really are for a great cause. Throughout the pandemic DHS Press was always there eager to break the next story, and a way to get down your thoughts through that crazy time.

One thing I wish I could change about my high school experience, I wish I had worked harder in some of my classes. While stressing for classes wasn’t fun, I wish I had learned to balance the stress while still giving a class 100%. At the end of the day GPA does hold some weight, but more importantly effort and extracurriculars are very important.

I’m thankful for my senior year for 95% going back to normal. I very much appreciate teachers, and administration for doing their best to give the class of 2022 the closure that the previous classes did not have.

While saying goodbye to Dominion is emotional, I am very excited for my next adventure at James Madison University. With the growth and skills that I have gained at Dominion I know wherever I go I will be confident and not afraid to voice my opinion.