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Neena is thankful for the inspiration Ms. Coleman has given her this year.

Love You To Omelas And Back

Dear Mrs. Coleman, 

Thank you for being my most favorite English teacher (and that’s saying a lot—I have inexplicably high standards in this arena). I’d have left an apple on your desk for Teacher Appreciation Week, but this option felt much more sincere. I know that our 7th block class in particular can be a challenge at times, but to see you endure through our rambunctious outbursts and aggravating drama has been inspiring. Despite all the vocab words you’ve taught us, I cannot articulate how much your presence has meant to me this school year. 

For example, it’s rare to find someone who can make me enjoy class discussions, and instead of progressively shrinking to the back of class like in past years, you’ve made me want to speak my mind. Even our quick eye contact in the midst of those discussions or timed writes comforts me to no end, because I know that you know how I’m feeling, and you’d never judge me for it. 

To be honest, I’ve never managed to connect with a teacher as much as I have with you after just one year. Your class is a safe place for anything we have to say, and that’s the most valuable gift a teacher can give. The way you’ve bared your soul to us and allowed the same in return is sincerely one of the best memories of my high school career, and I can not thank you enough for the wise words given every day. 

For how much you’ve encouraged me to grow this year, you deserve to have students stand up on their desks and yell, “Oh captain my captain.” Ok, I know that reference was really cheesy, but I wanted to incorporate at least one movie reference for you. However, I have one last thanks to give: thank you for showing me who I want to be when I grow up, as courageous and strong as you are. 

Love you to Omelas and back, 



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