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Love Actually weaves together multiple love stories into one heartwarming movie.

Love Actually weaves together multiple love stories into one heartwarming movie.

Tyler’s Pick: Love Actually

Movie: Love Actually

Streaming: On Demand

“Love Actually” is a heartwarming winter movie which covers people on different walks of life. The movie explores the relationships between the characters showing how they interact and more importantly, demonstrates the meaning of love during the holiday season. 

The substance of the movie is very diverse, with no consistent plot the movie sounds like it could just be a Hallmark flick. Yes, it is another winter themed rom-com, but “Love Actually” is much more. A quintessential holiday movie for most, it has phenomenal writing and is considered by many to be one of the best winter movies of all time. “Love Actually” does a phenomenal job of weighing the romantic essence with the comedy – it really is a movie which all viewers can appreciate. 

With COVID still ever present in our lives, the holidays can be a time of loneliness; “Love Actually” brings forward all the joy that should be with a season. The movie is all about people coming together, the connection between the many characters and relationships. Watching “Love Actually” makes you feel included. Watching groups of people all come together out of love can make you feel less alone or at the very least, leave you with a momentary sense of togetherness. “Love Actually” is the perfect movie for the winter, the warm storytelling gives the movie a cheery atmosphere, which is perfect for any downtime this winter. 

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