SCA Announces Spirit Week for Next Week


Courtesy SCA

A November spirit week comes to Dominion next week.

In order to celebrate the end of fall and Thanksgiving break coming up, SCA is promoting a spirit week from Nov. 15-19 which will just be dress up days. 

The days in order from Monday to Friday are: Autumn Day, Truly Titan Day, Local Hero Day, Throwback Thursday and Anything but a Backpack Day.

Students should dress in fall colors for Autumn Day, including red, brown, orange and yellow. 

For Truly Titan Day, students should  Dress in Dominion High apparel or just Black and silver 

For Local Hero Day students should dress as a local hero that they admire, such as a firefighter or a doctor. 

For Throwback Thursday students should dress up in popular fashion from previous decades i.e. 1990s, 1980’s, 2000’s etc. 

For anything but a backpack day students should bring anything but a backpack to carry their school supplies, such as a briefcase.

See below for the SCA Promotional Video: