Rohan Bangalore

Can you explain to students what specifically SCA does beyond spirit days?

Beyond the spirit days, SCA works to make a better experience for Titans. A main factor is connectivity, as in SCA the officers would connect themselves with all branches of Dominion, such as the DHS Press, Dominion High theater club, sports, and [recreational] activities. For example, this year SCA met with the prom committee to help organize prom. Another huge part of SCA is understanding the preferences of the student body, and creating events accordingly. For example, this year, one of the concerns expressed by students was about prom being outside and weather being potentially hot.  SCA addressed this concern by allowing the option of a more casual dress code to make the students more comfortable.

SCA also prioritizes bridging Dominion with the local community, for example through potential fundraisers.

What is one actionable change you want to make and detail how you will make that change happen?

An actionable change I will make is increasing inclusivity in Dominion High School. This means that there will be more opportunities for students to express themselves.  I will also make it my goal to ensure that a certain group of students will not dominate the influence of the Titan body on SCA. For example in recent years, there [have] been complaints that SCA chooses the same pool of students for pep rally games making it feel redundant. To avoid that I would make a rule that an individual can only participate once in a pep rally game per school year; and that there would be an easier, accessible way to add your name to a pep rally game activity pool.

You both mention giving each student a voice. How specifically are you going to make this happen?

Every student at Dominion High School will have an opportunity to express their concern about an issue at Dominion. For example, on the SCA website I will have a google form to collect student feedback.

What will you do to ensure that students in marginalized communities will feel included in school activities? How can you help all students feel included and accounted for?

A major issue in the Titan body is the apparent lack of diversity of students giving opinions to SCA. As a lot of people who are marginalized fear giving their views because it will not align with the general student body, and because of that they might be bullied and ostracized from the student body. This creates a very toxic environment, in which students usually suppress their opinion in comparison to the more outspoken members of the Titan body. However, if I’m elected president, I will make sure that every word given to SCA will be met back with a one-on-one response that will be as confidential as the concerned person wants. And, I will make sure that no matter how different the concern or opinion is, it will be taken with the utmost seriousness, and that I will give the student body my word, that no suggestion, concern, or opinion will be wrongfully favored. I will work my hardest to make sure SCA is open minded to all suggestions prior to upcoming events. Also asking a lot of non SCA members about their opinions on upcoming events.

You are running for more than one position. Which position do you hope to win and why? 

I want to be the SCA president because I feel that Dominion needs to improve its inclusivity with the student body. I know what it is like to wake up in the morning and have the demoralizing feeling that my opinion was worthless and did not matter to the student body. I feared being ridiculed and bullied for my opinion if it did not align with the majority of the student body. These feelings destroyed my self-image, and I know that it does the same to so many other Titans. That is why if I am elected, I vow to make sure that every Titan never has to experience any of the detrimental feelings, but if they do feel that way, they can reach out to SCA privately and still feel that their opinion matters. And if I am elected, I want to create the aura of empowerment within the student body, and that every Titan feels the sense of hope and excitement when giving their thoughts to SCA, rather than fear and doubt. 

As we return to in-person school next year, how will SCA under your leadership impact students? Give specific examples.

If I am elected president, I will make it my goal to ensure that there is a smooth transition to in-person learning. I feel that it will be very uncomfortable for many students who will be in a large group for the first time in a year and a half,  especially for freshman and sophomores who will be entering in person learning at Dominion for the first time. To help ease anxiety, I will create an optional anonymous google form that can be sent to SCA, with the ability to voice concerns and suggestions for SCA. I will also make it a point to have members of SCA involved within the school as peer mentors, where they would be guiding lost underclassmen and helping anyone in the hallways. 

Do you think students should be able to be a part of SCA if they do not take the project management class? Why or why not? 

Yes, students should participate in the class even if they are not taking it for credit with project management.  While the class is a traditional course in which you will receive a grade, based on your performance on assignments;  however, the class should be regarded as more of an experience, and a way to grow your leadership skills for students who are interested in it.  Being part of SCA is more of being part of a community than just a class.

Give one idea for a new spirit week day that has not been done at Dominion and why should we do it?

An idea for a spirit week day, is to have a day where every person in Dominion can dress up as their favorite character from a movie. This will increase inclusivity, because of the popularity that movies have, and how people can form friendships based off of similar interests in movies.

Do you think it is realistic that students will go through the slide deck and read all of the slides and watch the videos? If yes, why do you think so based on low advisory participation? If no, why should the elections occur this way?

I believe that everyone should take the time to look at all [of the] slide decks, because they should care about what  their SCA is doing. But if they don’t, I would love for them to voice their opinion on how SCA can become more relevant to them.