Gas Shortage Strikes In Sterling



Yesterday, local stations had lines down the road, if they even had gas left at all.

In the past two days the gas lines have been twenty cars long, if the gas stations are even open.

On May 7th a group of cyber hackers targeted the Colonial gas Pipeline with ransomware. The group, who has now been identified as the Darkside Ransomware Gang, operates from Eastern Europe. 

There is speculation from the FBI and the CISA organization that Russia or possibly other foreign countries could have had some involvement in the cyber attack.

The Colonial Pipeline carries 45% of all the gas supply to the East coast of the United States. This shutdown affects states all from Texas to New York.

Virginia has the fewest operating gas stations out of all states, with 55% of gas stations out of commission according to Gas Buddy.

With many drivers panic buying, along with the already limited amount of gas, prices have risen on average six cents per gallon. As of May 12th the Colonial Pipeline is back up and running, but it could take upwards of 19 days for gas to fully reach all east coast states, however some tankers were seen in the area last night delivering gas.