Mrs. Marnell hasn’t let distance learning stop her from having a big impact on her students.

Thank You Ms. Marnell

Teacher appreciation is very important this year, being that school is being both remotely and in person every single teacher should be appreciated for their patience in teaching in such abnormal times. There is one teacher that I am particularly thankful for, and that is Mrs. Marnell.

I had Mrs. Marnell my freshman year for Pre-AP world history, then again this year for AP American History. My freshman year, I remember her to be kind, considerate, and someone who helped me a lot with my historical thinking and writing skills. History has always been my favorite subjects, and I am so thankful for having a teacher who makes it fun to learn history. 

Learning this year has been a challenge for everyone, however my APUSH class is the class I look forward to the most. Not only are we learning about how America became America, but I am happy to be greeted by Mrs. Marnell’s positivity. 

I do not think teachers know how much a positive or negative attitude affects students, especially in a virtual environment. Classes where teachers just assume were not paying attention to class when we have our cameras on, are usually the classes that I least look forward to, or have fun in. Teachers’ positive attitudes, such as Mrs. Marnell, really motivates me to be more involved in a class, and learn.

I would like to thank Mrs. Marnell for being particularly patient with myself, and everyone in my class. We do turn in things late and you grade it fairly quickly. Also, I want to thank Mrs. Marnell for doing the most she can do to help us get prepared for the AP Exam. I do not have a teacher who dedicates more of their time to getting us prepared for the AP Exam than Mrs. Marnell. 

I will miss not having Mrs. Marnell next year. I hope in the future I have a teacher who wants to help kids as much as Mrs. Marnell. 


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