Crumbl Cookies: Worth Every Bite


Caelan Jones

Caelan shows off her four pack of Crumbl cookies.

This past Saturday, I walked into a store in Vienna and immediately was swarmed with a sense of warmth and an overwhelming smell of amazing cookies. Visiting Crumbl Cookies is an experience of itself, along with the excellent tasting cookies.  Crumbl Cookies is a fast growing cookie shop where the staff mix, bake, and ice the cookies in an open kitchen for all of the customers to see. Every week, they have four new and different flavors, along with their two staples, Milk Chocolate Chip and Chilled Sugar. 

The four specialty cookies that were there were Reese’s Chip, Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Chilled Pina Colada, and Maple Cinnamon Roll. Due to my nut allergies, I was only able to get Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Maple Cinnamon Roll, and the two staples. Here is my review on all of them!

Milk Chocolate Chip- At first a little hesitant about the cookie, I quickly realized how good it was. Served warm, the chocolate chips are melted and the cookie feels like it could melt in your mouth. The chocolate was dispersed evenly throughout the cookie, so the chocolate wasn’t overbearing in every bite. This is the ideal chocolate chip cookie.

Chilled Sugar- Purchasing this cookie, I thought it was just a regular cookie. Once I got home and did a taste test with my mom, we realized that the frosting actually had almond in it as it was in my mouth. This was NOT GOOD since I am deathly allergic to almonds, so I spit it out and had some water. I was fine after, but it was a little scary! From when it was in my mouth, I wasn’t the biggest fan. The frosting to cookie ratio was a little too much for my liking, and the cookie base itself was also VERY crumbly. 

Salted Caramel Cheesecake- This cookie was super good. The cookie had a normal base with cream cheese frosting, caramel covering, and was topped with salt. I loved the frosting so much! The mix of the salted caramel and the frosting complimented each other so neither were too overpowering. With the small sprinkle of salt, you had a little hint of it in each bite. Though it was a very heavy cookie and I could barely finish the small piece I cut, this cookie was memorable.  

Maple Cinnamon Roll- Out of the four cookies I got, this one was my absolute favorite. I am not a big fan of maple flavored things, so I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. After taking one bite, I realized that this was the best one I tried. This cookie tastes exactly like french toast, more specifically the Eggo French Toast Sticks. The cinnamon dusting over the Maple frosting was light but gave it the extra flavor that made it so good. 

I would definitely recommend trying Crumbl Cookies and being surprised by the different flavors that you like! With the weekly changes of flavors, I would definitely advise to check the website, so you can see those flavors and decide if you want to go try it. I for sure will be going back!