The Final Rose: Ben is Back


artwork by Caelan Jones

Covering each episode of The Bachelorette, Caelan gives you an unfiltered, honest take on the night before.

With an amazing Final Three, Tayshia has a lot to do in a short amount of time. The finale is TOMORROW! Last night’s episode was Fantasy Suites, which brings relationships to the next level through intimacy while being 1 on 1 for an entire night. Even greater, Ben comes back at the end of the episode to tell Tayshia what he wanted to say last week. 

Ivan got to have the first date, and considering the intense heat of Palm Springs, Tayshia set up a date where they could cool off. They both had a cold ice bath set out, and the goal was to set the world record of the Longest Coldest Kiss. Ivan and Tayshia decided to go past the world record, and set the new one at 6 minutes and 35 seconds. It was lowkey really awkward but was a good date to have for Fantasy Suites. 

During the date portion, Ivan told Tayshia that he was continuing to fall in love with her,  to which she reciprocated the feelings. After the great night date, Ivan decided to accept the remainder of the Fantasy Suite date, and they got to spend the night together in a trendy trailer. 

After Ivan’s date, it was Zac’s turn. During the date, they rolled around in paint and created a masterpiece. I bet that if they end up together in the end, they will somehow incorporate this painting into their house. During the night date, Zac actually said that he was  in love with her. Tayshia told him she was fully in love with him as well, which actually goes against the Bachelorette rules. It’s crazy to think that she can be in love with both of them, but it is the Bachelorette so that’s kind of the whole purpose. 

Chris Harrison sent in the Fantasy Suite invitation, and Zac accepted the invitation to proceed with the night. 

The last date arrived, and Brendan seemed to be anxious and doubtful. Brendan got to meet Neil Lane with Tayshia, who is the man who provides the engagement rings for every Bachelor/Bachelorette engagement. Zac looked really stressed and uncomfortable throughout the date, which is probably why he has been married before and doesn’t want to make another mistake. Having a date that is representative of such an important moment is obviously really hard for him.

Once they got to the night date, Brendan opened up to Tayshia about how he was feeling with engagement and how he isn’t healed from his past. Brendan decides to self-eliminate. Can anything go right this season?! 

Right when I was upset about Brendan leaving, BEN WAS BACK ON MY SCREEN. I was literally freaking out. At the time, Tayshia was preparing for a Rose Ceremony. To her surprise, she hears a knock on the door, and it was Ben.

In his visit, he said that was in love with her, and he wanted to tell her, but had gotten too nervous. I am so glad that he came back to tell her, it was all I was thinking about this whole past week. Honestly, Tayshia seemed SO annoyed, and she didn’t know what to do. 

We got left on a cliff-hanger, not knowing if Ben will stay or go home. Luckily, the next episode is tomorrow so we don’t have to wait long. The remaining men will also get to meet Tayshias parents. TOMORROW IS THE FINALE AND THE ENGAGEMENT!!!