Teacher Tuesday: A Day in the Life with Anthony Demott

Demott clearly has a love of reality TV, moving from his first love of Survivor to The Bachelorette these days.


courtesy of Anthony DeMott

Pictured in his home classroom, Demott enjoys his last block planning every day.

7:00AM-7:15AM: My dog Maggie starts whining around 7, so I begrudgingly get up and walk her. One of us enjoys it.

7:15 AM-9:00 AM: I eat breakfast and try to get as much work done as I can before school starts, because I like to have my afternoons/evenings to relax as much as possible.

9:00AM- 2:37PM: Class time. I’ve been teaching from home, as has Mrs. DeMott. Sometimes my step kids are also here attending their online classes, so we’ve got a full house of online schooling. Maggie usually hangs out with me during class, sometimes making a cameo on screen. I teach Research Biology, Environmental Science, and AP Environmental Science.

I also use time between classes to do dishes and laundry. Since I’m already in work mode, this is the most likely time that I’ll actually feel motivated to do them.

2:37PM-4:07PM: I have planning last block every day which is an amazing set up.

4:10PM-4:30PM: Dog walk #2.

One perk of being at home is being able to take Maggie on daytime walks. (Courtesy of Anthony DeMott)

4:30PM-10:00PM: Depending on the day, this time frame consists of some combination of: napping, basketball practice, working out, watching tv (right now it’s The Bachelorette; this is Mrs. DeMott’s fault), making dinner (or carryout when I’m feeling lazy), playing board games on zoom calls.

10:00PM: Dog walk #3.

11:00PM: Bed Time. I try anyway. It’s usually a bit later than this.