What You Missed: News Titans Need to Know


A look back at the week that was in the news and highlighting what students need to know

Thomas Jefferson high school under fire due to new admission process

Thomas Jefferson highschool, located in Fairfax, VA, proposed a reform to their admission process, to reform to a lottery system. TJHS has been criticized in the past for lack of diversity, and a local group called, “The Coalition for TJ,” have protested this change. This group claims that a lottery system would decrease diversity, due to the minority populations being less dense in the area surrounding, leading to their chances of selection from the lottery to decrease.

WUSA9 article: https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/education/protests-over-proposed-admission-changes-to-thomas-jefferson-high-school-for-science-and-technology/65-a656b423-ef6d-4769-b3ff-d341b36d1564


President Trump returns to the White House after being diagnosed with COVID-19

On Friday, October 2, President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump received positive COVID-19 tests. They were then flown into Walter Reed Military Hospital. After just three days in the hospital, President Trump returned to the White House, where he 

proceeded to hold a maskless photoshoot on the balcony of the White House.

ABCnews timeline of event: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/timeline-trumps-reported-covid-diagnosis-treatment/story?id=73406821


Vice Presidential debate:

The 2020 vice presidential debate was held at 9:00 on October 7. The two vice presidential candidates stood 12 feet apart, both with plexiglass barriers in front of them. There was question dodging on both sides, with taxes being the primary discussion point, especially from Pence.CNN key points summary: https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/08/politics/harris-pence-vp-debate-takeaways/index.html