Check This Out: IOS 14

iOS 14 brings some new features for iPhone users.


iOS 14 brings some new features for iPhone users.

What: IOS 14 Home Screen Customization

Where: Available for download on any IOS device after the iPhone 6

Why: IOS 14 is one of the biggest IOS updates yet. It unlocks an entirely new form of customization with the addition of widgets and the app library. Widgets are customizable little panels that you can add to your home screen, that can show the weather, a clock, pictures, exercise, and more. 

Widgets can come in 3 different sizes, and with applications like WidgetSmith and Color Widgets there’s a near infinite amount of customization that you can do. The app library is also an extremely useful tool for making your home screen look exactly how you want it, since you can move apps off of your home screen and instead just have them in your app library. Now you can get an app out of the way without deleting it entirely.

With widgets, the app library, and the shortcuts app (added in IOS 13, which gives you the ability to create custom icons for each app), you’re able to fully customize your home screen. Many people (along with myself) have been creating amazing home screens that make the experience of using an iPhone much better.

If you want advice for how to make a really cool home screen, the video I watched to set up mine is linked HERE, and the full breakdown of all of IOS 14’s features is HERE